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Character Education

The QCUSD is dedicated to building the whole child and in so teaching soft skills along with our curriculum. At GPA we highlight our high flyers throughout the year with a lunch with the principal. Students are recognized for these character traits though our High Flyer program: service, ownership, honesty, commitment, and kindness, Teachers will nominate students throughout the year showing one or all of these traits. Students are then invited to a special time to eat lunch with the principal earning a special treat too. 

Our full-time school counselor visits classrooms each quarter instructing on character development. She also brings speakers into the school for grade level and classroom assemblies supporting students in character education. Mrs. Castillo has also begun an anti-bullying club among our students promoting positive interactions with peers. 

GPA does teach responsibility and respect through our positive behavior plans. Teachers promote rules of the cafeteria and hallway by highlighting the expected behaviors. You will see students showing “peace and quiet” in the halls as they hold one finger to their lips and a peace sign in the air. This is a school-wide technique to respect all learning environments as students pass through the halls.

An exciting addition to GPA in the fall of 2017, was a partnership with a program called Playworks. Playworks is working with teachers and students on leadership skills and safe play. At GPA our goal is for all students to be included in recess times. Creating strong expectations on games and zones of play help all students to opt-in to play. Also, we have student leaders supporting safe and healthy play.

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Engineering Tomorrow’s Leaders Today